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Devoted is a member ran guild designed to operate and function on a daily basis as each member dictates. There are guild rules that apply to everyone in guild and are enforced by GM's & Officers; however, the guild as a whole has been designed to be self sufficient and self managed as a whole. You might wonder how this work, so as an overview:

1. Guild Rules apply to everyone and are enforced by GM's & Officers

2. Everyone has the ability to recruit and invite. Not enough people on or in the guild interested in the same thing as you? Well, get out there and recruit people that want to join you in your endeavors.

3. Everyone has the ability and option to get groups going (pvp, rated bg's, arena, raids, etc.) it's up to you. Does that mean that everyone can lead a raid on a certain day? Probably not, if everyone's talking and trying to be top dog you'll never get anywhere. However, most people recognize people who have the ability to lead and pull things together. Back that person up! Work as a team.. it's not hard if you don't make it all about you... but hey if you just want to play your game and be left alone.. by all means do so. It's your game and you're welcome to play how you want. Devoted is simply designed to empower the member. it's not setup to put certain people in charge of certain groups w/ final say. What happens when they can't be on? Suddenly things aren't getting done or happening. That's why everyone has the right to step up and keep things going.

You might ask, how does someone run a raid/group/etc if there's no guild rules backing it up? Your raid/group/ etc is ran how you want it, you're able to invite people of like mind and interests to the guild and to group up with them; Hopefully you are all able to work as a team since you have so much in common, and can come to an agreement on how you'll be running your raid. If you do this well, if you hold good standards and stick to them, people will want to raid/group/ etc. with you, people will want to be a part of what you have. It's pretty much common sense.

5. There are ranks in Devoted; the longer you're here, the more proactive you are in making this guild successful, the higher in rank you'll go. Higher ranks give you greater access to guild resources and the opportunity to make Devoted an even better place to be. The more you put into devoted (professions, materials, etc. / raids, arenas, dungeons, etc ) the better it is for everyone involved and the more Devoted will reward your efforts by giving you greater access to resources, recognition, and control.

6. The guild is owned by 3 GM's and we do employ Officers; however, they aren't here to dictate how things are getting done. They are here to enforce the guild policy and rules, and to make sure you have access to resources as you prosper the guild (promotions / resources / privileges). As a side note; Officers are members as well and come with even greater guild perks and privileges, it is a position that is not easily earned and rarely given.
Devoted's GM's are the Owners of Devoted, we put the money and time into getting Devoted where it is initially (paid for bank tabs, filled it with goods for you, set-up the infrastructure) we own all rights to the guild; however we have our greatest stakes in our shareholders (you) and will ensure that your interests and your time bring you profit. Officers are like executive management, and are there to ensure that policies and rules are followed, and that the shareholders (you) are able to have access to greater benefits as you become a larger shareholder in the "company". You are the shareholders - you have the ability to make Devoted the best and most profitable guild ever.

7. As Devoted prospers; like any company with shareholders, there will be dividends! The higher your rank the greater your dividend. Dividends come in the form of Item and Monetary rewards. The higher your rank, your bank access goes up giving you access to greater items and materials. There will also be quarterly dividends in monetary value (wow gold) based on a % given to each rank. The longer you are in devoted and the more you proactively work to prosper Devoted, the more "vested" in the "company" you become and the higher your dividend % will go up. Dividend %'s will be based on quarterly profits.

8. As Devoted grows it's up to you to help evolve the company in policies and procedures, and how we steer the guild/company to make it more profitable. You are the key to success!

So, welcome to Devoted. We look forward to prospering alongside you!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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